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SMB Security: Do You Need Employee-Monitoring Software?

Employee-based fraud is one of the most dangerous challenges to businesses today. Internal damage costs millions of dollars each year. Owners do have multiple tools to combat this threat, though. Watchdog software such as are really easy and quick to setup. Using Cloud-based services, the software watches out for malicious activity like fraud per… Read More »

The Cost to Host a Website Now More Affordable

You can have your own site online in two or three hours from now and today the expense to host a site is not as much as two or three Starbucks espressos. Web Hosting Mumbaithat considers the progressing expense of web facilitating, the space name enrolment expense, and the expense of the site creation. All… Read More »

Finding a Good Web Designer

The truth is out there in the open. Those businesses that invest in taking their operations online earn significantly more than those who don’t go online. With this clear cut fact becoming a common knowledge, more and more businesses are considering the option of going online. If you too have any such considerations for your… Read More »

What to Do If Your App Is Getting Bad Reviews

So you’ve developed an app, whether by creating it yourself or paying a professional developer to implement your ideas, and perhaps run it past software testing services and launched it on one or more of the various app stores. Maybe it’s an app to support your business or make things easier for your customers. Perhaps… Read More »

The Biggest Software-Development Mistakes

If you have a great idea for a piece of software or an app, and you want to make it a reality, the next step is obviously to begin development. But developing software is a complex process – from writing the first line of code or designing the first graphical asset through to running it… Read More »

How to Write the Perfect Blog

Blogging has become an invaluable way to promote and expand a business, as well as letting individuals spread their writing around the world. Blogging can help a company of any size, whether you work in web design in Cheltenham or finance in Manchester. It can be daunting if you don’t know where to start, but… Read More »

Fire Protection in Open-Plan Homes

People like the convenience and sense of space offered by open-plan properties. However, it does present problems with regard to fire protection; it may mean needing to have a boxed-in staircase in certain properties, for example, in order to provide a safe means of escape. Fortunately, there is another alternative available from Automist installers in… Read More »

Design considerations for your next website build

It makes sense to consider design as carefully as you plan the user experience and structure when you are looking to carry out a new business website build. Typically, if engaging a web designer from a Somerset web design agency, these are the kind of factors you will work together to consider. Linking digital design… Read More »

Advantages of Reproduction Furniture

Having the right furniture makes you feel fabulous. Whether it’s in the sitting room, bedroom or home office, good furniture can make all the difference. Reproduction designer furniture doesn’t just look great; it can also help to create that all important first impression. Not all of us can afford the latest designer furniture, but there… Read More »